Business Know How - The Key To A Successful Creativity-Based Business

by Jay
(Central California)

When starting your creativity based business, recognize that you will need a little business know-how to make it all work.

When starting your creativity based business, recognize that you will need a little business know-how to make it all work.

One problem I've seen in the past with creativity-type businesses is that they fail due to financial troubles too often.

Many people with great art sense and style might not have the real business backing to keep their art-train from tipping off the tracks.

Now I'm not saying that an MBA is necessary because that's not the case.

There are plenty of examples of managers and head officers to companies without the highest business degrees, but they always have great business sense.

Being able to track the industry trends and stay ahead are things that are difficult to teach.

When entering into a new business, with appropriate planning, I believe it's not incredibly difficult to find a niche that could become profitable given the right artistic talent and direction.

However, the other aspects of the business, accounting and marketing for the most part, are not related directly to that artistic aspect.

A person heading into a new business either needs to have those core business skills or be smart enough to hire someone that does.

It's a common business model to have a partnership where one partner handles the creative, product-based side of the business and the other partner manages the budgeting and financial goals.

It's not common, although not rare, to find a business surviving or even thriving with one person managing both aspects to their business.

However, there are plenty of instances when a business begins heading down the wrong path because the owner believes they've got that business sense and they actually don't.

I'd say that's an integral part of the business.

Also, recognize upfront that preparation and planning alone will not save your business from failure.

You should not only do the preparation and planning before starting the business...

But you must also make sure you or your partner are able to keep your business on track to meet the financial goals and avoid some financial obstacles that could otherwise sideline your business indefinitely.

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