The Underestimate What It ReallyTakes To Get Your Business And Own Startup Off The Ground.

Never Underestimate What It REALLY Takes To Get Your Business Or Own Startup Off The Ground.

"When struggling to get your business and own startup off
the ground, don't be so quick to underestimate the
power of starting off right. Your success
hinges on keeping your eyes
focused on the detail."

I see your inner-struggle and I feel your pain.

  • Because here's your sordid reality in regards to bring your small business - your own startup to life.

    • You've thought and thought and thought and thought.

    • And you've fantasized about how wonderful it will be for you to own a business and to get your own startup off the ground.

In fact, the other day I actually saw the stars in your eyes at the very thought of having your own business.

  • Your eyes lit up at the very thought of being your own business, having command of your own time, really putting that business of yours out into the world.

In fact, you're at the ready-set-fire stage and you are hot-n-ready to march your business forward.

  • But yet, when I ask you very pointed questions about how your business and own startup will work, you can't really tell me:

    • Who your target market is, or

    • Why they should buy from you, or

    • Whether you really know what their needs are...

      You look at me with this blank I-really-don't-know-WHAT-you're talking about deer-in-headlights look in your face.

It's almost as if you have the in-the-back-of-your-mind thought that somehow, YOUR small business idea is the mother load of all small business ideas.

  • In fact, you often look at me as if YOUR small business idea is THE know the one that will catch on like wildfire and the one that your target market will be lining up in droves to support.

And so, you toss aside all of the business-building practices set out by all of the entrepreneurial predecessors that went out before you.

  • In fact, you say "PHOOEY" to all of those business experts who claim that Starting-A-Business-Step-One is about establishing a road map that depicts where you are going.

But here's something that I see...and here's my recommendation for you:

  • IF you feel that you are truly on the edge of something great...then go ahead, give it a go.

  • Just go ahead and wallow in all of that self-belief that for some unknown reason YOUR small business idea is the only one out there that will fly without a solid plan of action.

If you feel like you've got what it takes to make your business a go WITHOUT properly planning for success, then go ahead.

  • Give it a go.

  • Push your small business idea into existence - make your business and own startup breathe!

    • Start chasing your customers down.

    • Start telling the world about who you are and what you do.

Go ahead. If you feel like you got what it takes - give it all a whirl.

  • Because the truth is: you MAY really be onto something.

    • You may have really outsmarted all of the MBAs, PhDs, and all the other great business thinkers and business predecessors of all time.

    • You may have outsmarted the system.

    • And you may REALLY have what it takes to push your small business idea into existence WITHOUT a solid plan of action.

    But...after you do that - AFTER you've pushed your small business idea out into the world YOUR WAY...

    • And find yourself faced with the harsh reality of what it REALLY takes to make a business REALLY work,

      • ...Then come back talk to me.

    Go ahead, bookmark this article, then give your small business idea a good ol' college try.

    • And then...after a little time passes, and all of those star-in-your-eye feelings have passed...THEN give me a holler.

    • Let me know how it went.

    Let me know whether bringing your business and own startup to life REALLY happened the way you thought it should happen...

    • OR...maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to let me know that you've come down off of the "I'm-ready-to-start-my-business-NOW" high and are ready to discover what it REALLY takes to make your business come to life.

      • I dare you. NO. I double dare you.

    Here's to recognizing that business success rarely happens by accident!

      Here's to giving your business and own startup a strong chance at survival by at least taking the time to give your business a strong foundation of planning!

      Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, your small business start-up mentor, motivational coach, and a big fan of those entrepreneurs who start businesses with the intent to make an impact!