Christian Life Coaching Can Help You Uncover Your Life Purpose

I know that God gave me these gifts to impact the lives of others...It is now time
to re-position my life so that I am able to live out my true life purpose...If
this is your heart's desire, then keep reading about what this
christian life coaching mentor can do for you..


Here's What Those Women Who Hire Me For My Christian Life Coaching Services Say...


Dear Latarsha,


I Deserve To Live This Life By My Own Design, And It's Finally Time That I Look At My Options


  • I am looking into christian life coaching because I know that it's time for me to design my life so that I have time to cherish my family, indulge myself, and fly to the moon and back if I want.


Besides, Given The Current Economy, My Job Can Be Chopped Like The Next Person


  • I need a way to secure the type of life I want...on my own terms.
  • Thus, I am looking for someone who has christian life coaching experience, who will help me to peer inside of me and uncover the treasure that God has given the world through me.



I Know These Thoughts I Have Of Making A Career Change Or Starting A Business Will Lead Me Down The Road To The Life That My Heart Sincerely Desires


  • And right now I need a christian life coaching mentor who can help me learn more
  • I need a christian life coach who will help me to pinpoint what it is that I need to do to position my life forward..
  • I need a christian life coach and mentor who will help me to pinpoint what it is that I need to do to position my life forward.


I Need A Christian Life Coach Who Will Help Me To Pinpoint What It Is That I Need To Do To Position My Life Forward


And then provide me with step-by-step guides that positions into THAT career and life I deserve.


Signed: Ready To Step Into My Life Purpose


My Response


Dear Ready To Walk Into Your Life Purpose,


My Christian Life Coaching Services Were Designed With You In Mind...


I am a Certified Life Purpose coach who who work with clients to help them to finally walk into my calling and live the life that they deserve to live...

Those clients that hire me for my christian life coaching services, hire me because they feel that their life is too precious to stay stuck in a life and career that leaves them feeling drained, exhausted, and lifeless.

They work with me so that they can walk into their new life chapter feeling invigorated and vibrant because they are finally able to use their God-given gifts and talents to release their life purpose into the world!


If You Feel Like My Christian Life Coaching Services Will Work For You...Then You Are Invited To Contact Me


Christian Life Coaching Session will help you to reposition yourself into THAT new career or business that will allow me to fully utilize the gifts and talents that God has given you.


Contact Me Today To Schedule Your Complimentary Christian Life Coaching Session!