Captivate Her With Your Magic.

Start A Profitable Home-Based Jewelry
Business That She Craves.

How to Start A Captivatingly Profitable Home-Based Jewelry Business.

"Thinking of starting a home jewelry business? Learn
how to start a profitable home based jewelry business
that delivers a special brand of jewelry magic that captivates
her heart, wins you sales, and makes her a craving-raving
fan of your business. "

You have such a creative flair with jewelry making and you've been contemplating what it will take to start your own home-based jewelry business.

  • You have all the makings of getting a home based jewelry business started:

  • You are an artistic woman who takes great pleasure in handcrafting jewelry that has it's host of admirers.

  • In fact, many of your family and friends have marveled at your productions and are always asking you when you will start your own home-based jewelry business.

But here's the one thing that's holding you back, you're at a lost when it comes to figuring out all of the intricate details involved with starting a home jewelry business.

  • How is it that you are supposed to organize your efforts into a real home-based jewelry business, when you don't have a clue as to where to begin?

You've thought about it a little and you recognize that starting a home based jewelry business requires both your artistic talent and a strategic approach.

  • And here's your the challenge you must meet when starting a home jewelry business - you've got to think about your home-based jewelry business from the perspective of half-jewelry designer, half-business owner.

Starting a home jewelry business requires that you begin prepping your mind for business.

  • It's about taking what you have, and creating a product mix that will make a clustered niche cluster of people go absolutely crazy about it that they will buy it.

Start by asking yourself this very fundamental question:

  • "What is it that I must do to shape my home-based jewelry making experience into a profitably sustainable business that customers will crave and then rave about?"

  • Follow it up by taking the time to understand the subtleties involved in pricing and producing jewelry that will please your targeted audience.

Also recognize that starting a home jewelry business requires that you fulfill many of the roles of a successful entrepreneur.

  • You've got to know how to produce captivating jewelry, price it, promote it, and then get it into the hands of THAT niche of people who will go absolutely crazy about it.

Pricing is difficult in any business - a home based jewelry business is no different.

Thus, when starting a home jewelry business, you will need to include a variety of price points to ensure that you have a healthy product assortment that is sure to please.

Also, start thinking of all of the logistics involved launching and managing a home-based jewelry business.

  • When starting your home jewelry business you will need space:

  • You will need to create a workspace,

  • You will need an area for your computer, and

  • You will need space for your inventory.

When starting your home jewelry business, you will also need to think about how you plan to evolve your business.

  • Give some upfront thought about when and how you will expand your product line.

  • You will find that in business you need to grow and expand along with your customer's needs and wants.

Also, give some thought into where you will actually sell your jewelry.

  • If you're intention is to sell your crafted jewelry at shows, fairs, and festivals, then you've got to be savvy enough to know how to set up your jewelry display in such a way that it captures the attention of passer-bys.

Also, get in the habit of paying close attention to the requests from customers - if you listen intently enough, they will tell you what they REALLY want.

  • As you begin to meet and interact with your customer-base, you will begin to hear the same requests repeated over and over again.

  • Take these requests to heart and use them to expand your product line into something that your customers will appreciate.

Also, understand that a crucial role in starting a home jewelry business is to ensure that you are a step above your competition.

  • Many business achieve this through branding - creating a unique and spicy way to differentiate your business from the competition.

  • Thus, you need to create a brand that communicates your special qualities to your target audience.

  • You want to create your own spicy way to ensure that when you customers "think jewelry" they think of you.

Starting your own home based jewelry business puts you in the league of many successful artisans who made the leap from artist to business person with a splash.

If you are interested in learning more about what it REALLY takes to pull off a home-based jewelry business with pizazz, then check out this jewelry displays and show set-up pinterest board that not only shows you how others are displaying their jewelry, but also provides resources on how to to move your home based jewelry business from idea phase to an actual business.

Wishing you a wildly successful home based jewelry business that captivates hearts!

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