My Fears Of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur - The Entrepreneur Inside of Me (Why I Have Not Set it Free)

by Brenda

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is one of my dreams.  Confidence is needed to make it happen.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is one of my dreams. Confidence is needed to make it happen.

A Little Bit About Me

I am Brenda, a 44 year old single mother in California. I would love to join the league of single mom entrepreneurs, but I'm stuck.

I had a career in Colorado, however, that ended with my marriage five years ago.

Starting over with a thirteen year old daughter has not been easy.

I Started Dreaming Of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur When I Left My Temp Job After Two Years

  • I worked as a temp in a dairy plant but left after two years when I realized they would never hire me as a permanent employee because they do not hire temps, ever.

  • My thoughts began drifting toward being my own boss after I quit the dairy.

My Entrepreneurial Dream

  • The business that swims in my head is a service for single, working parents.

  • The business would run errands, like post office runs or waiting for a repair person so the parent does not lose hours at work.

Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur Is Something I Only Dream Of, Because My Biggest Obstacle Is My Self Esteem

The biggest obstacle is my self-esteem.

If I knew one wish would come true, I would wish back the confidence in myself I had ten years ago.

Everyone knew I could do anything I set my mind to back then.

I Wish That Someone Would Create A Seminar That Teaches How To Bring Your Startup Business Ideas To Life With Confidence

I would love to attend a seminar on entrepreneur mindset along with how to boost my confidence because right now starting my own business seems outrageous.

The One Thing That Really Stops Me From Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur Is The Fear Of Failure

I mean, what if I fail?

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be risk takers....right?

I need to know enough people who will let me work for them to build a reputation.

I do not want to work for someone else right now because I like to be in charge and being told when I can take a break pisses me off.

So if nothing is done to fulfill this dream, I will be working at a job I hate still planning to start a business someday.

Also, I Would Love To See A Seminar For Single Mom Entrepreneurs

  • I would like to see seminars on decision making for the single parent entrepreneur.

  • A series on how to make the right decisions based on the resources available in that persons community.

  • Where I live, there are no programs that I can afford to take for building self-esteem.

I Would Also Like To See A Seminar On Communicating Ideas More Effectively.

I have a problem with getting people to understand my ideas. The pursuit of becoming a successful entrepreneur would mean that I learn how to communicate my ideas in such a way that people can 'get'.

A Seminar On How To Motivate People To Listen Is Also Something I Would Like To Be Taught.

If a person is not interested in, or does not understand the subject, they do not listen effectively.

Hmmm...Should A Good Fairy Come And Grant My Most Fanciful Wishes, I Would Be Successful In Running The Business I Dream Of.

  • There would be people working for me who were happy and well paid for the jobs they performed.

  • Financially, I would not be living check to check worrying how I will pay the electric bill.

  • There would be franchises across the nation.

  • Single parents would not have to worry about leaving work to take their kids to the dentist or take them forgotten homework.

  • Groceries would be put away in the refrigerator so moms can drive straight home from work and relax.

  • No more sitting in hot traffic damning the lights and the grocery store because the kids need milk.

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