small business computer repair - 3 repair tips


Small Business Computer Repair Success Tip # 1. Know What You Can (And Can't) Deliver

When you start your small business of computer repair services, it's imperative that you know what you can - and can't - deliver.  Your clients depend on you to know what your true limitations are. They depend on you to let them know, up front, whether you can realistically solve their problem or not.

  • Whatever you do, don't make promises you can't keep - as under-delivering on a computer repair project is a sure-fire way to kill your business.
  • If you can't (or are unsure) of whether or not you can handle a particular computer repair issue, then let your client know up front that you will take a look at it, but you are not quite sure if you can fix it.


Small Business Computer Repair Success Tip # 2. Form Alliances With Other Computer Repair Specialists

Overcome the issue of your personal limitations, it will be helpful for you to build a reliable network of other computer specialists.  That way, if you have encounter a problem that you just can't solve, then you have a network of other computer specialists at the ready to help you figure it out.


Small Business Computer Repair Tip # 3.Your Success Hinges On How Effectively You Can Run Your Business In Spite Of The Weaknesses You May Have

Starting a computer repair business requires a set of skills that go beyond just technical expertise.
  • You have to master the skills of talking to customers in a non-technical manner.
  • You have to master time management to ensure that your projects are delivered on time.
  • You will need to master marketing skills that will help you to keep your name in front of your targeted customer. 

If you feel that you can't master all of these skills alone, then consider bringing in a partner who can.  That way you can focus your attention on the technical aspects of the business while your partner focuses on all of the non-technical aspects.

Here's To Starting A Small Business Computer Repair Service With Success!

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