Turning Junk in Gold

by Matthew S.
(York County, Maine)

<i>How junk removal helped me to turn other's people's junk into gold!</i>

How junk removal helped me to turn other's people's junk into gold!

Here's what you can do to turn junk into gold!

Junk removal is one of the hottest new businesses around.

Your investment is 1.5 gallons of gas, and you have a car or truck.

Go to a website like Craigslist.org, check out the Free section:

You want metal.

Take washers, stoves, etc., even if you have to strap them to the roof!

Today, a washer is worth $8-12 in scrap.

Aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze pay more!

You'll also, need a local metal yard to get paid.

If you can't find one, a transmission shop will know.

To give yourself and edge, put an ad in the Wanted-Section saying you'll pick up people's scrap metal for them, and repost weekly.

Don't offer to pay, it's not worth your time.

Junk removal success requires that you find ways to use your services to pick up other's people's junk for free.

To make your junk removal venture a success, make sure you distinguish yourself from other ads.

Tell them you are clean-cut and courteous.

People are nervous about having someone come to their home.

Oh...and as an added feature to your junk removal business, add a moving-help service as well.

Many people need help on a small move, and don't want to hire a team.

This is a great niche to compliment your junk removal service.

To find business helping people move, put an ad under Labour/General Services.

Say you help with small moves at low rates.

Having a truck helps, but two hands is all it takes.

I've branched out to junk removal, and I refuse to dump in the woods (a common problem here).

Telling people I care about recycling, and proper disposal has attracted clients away from competitors.

The fact I genuinely care comes across in my ads.

Maybe I'm losing a buck not dumping in the forest, but I'm building a reputation, which helps me feel good about what I'm doing, and helps me stick with this to to make something great in the end.

Mind you I'm in rural Maine.

I cannot even imagine how busy I'd be in NYC, Boston, or someplace like that!

I've been doing this in winter, and expect to be busy by tourist season.

I'm helping people...and I'm recycling.

As you make money, squirrel a bit away for vehicle repairs, and to invest in a new truck.

Get something small, and diesel (great MPG!!).

Trucks last forever, so don't fear used.

You can try these ideas working a second job, and grow it over time.

If money gets tight, branch out further!

Best of luck to you!

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