The Top 7 Vending Machine Businesses Myths Exposed

We uncover the top 7 myths vending machine businesses and tell you
what it really takes to start a venting machine business that will work.


Be Forewarned: To Start A Vending Business Is Not For The Faint Of Heart


Perhaps you have visions that you start a vending machine business, the machine is installed, the cash is never ending, and you buy your first million dollar home.  If this is the image you have of the vending business, you may be sorely disappointed when you find out that one machine will not make you a millionaire.

In fact, if you put 500 machines in the wrong locations, even that many will not earn you the money you are envisioning.


Successful Vending Machine Business Entrepreneurs Begin With A Plan


Long before successful entrepreneurs start vending machine businesses, they develop a realistic an actionable business plan that helps them to run their vending business with success.  If you are not good speaking to people, which is a large part of gaining the best locations, find someone that can be your mouthpiece.

  • You, or the person doing the talking has to be able to convince the store owner that you can offer them more than your competition.
  • You have to take the time to scope out the best areas because obviously, if the best locations have rows and rows of vending machines already in place, yours will have no way of standing out from the crowd.
  • Below, review the top 7 myths (and truths) of why vending machine businesses seem to many to be an easy business to run.


Myth 1 - Running A Vending Business Is Easy And Requires Little Effort


The commercials and ads that you have seen over the years, makes vending business success look easy - it appeals to you to run your own business and make good money at the same time.


Truth 1 - Running A Vending Machine Business Successfully Takes A Lot Of Patience And Strategic Planning


Vending business success is not as easy as the commercials and ads may lead you to believe.

While it is possible to make money with vending as a business, it also takes a good strategic plan as well as hard work on your especially in the beginning.

Keeping the machines stocked is your number one key to making sure you have continual sales.

When you see vending machine businesses that have fully stocked machines, you assume that many of the owners are making big money.

Truth is, many well-run vending machine businesses keep their machines stocked because a keeping well-stocked vending machine is simply good business.

What most people do not see is the vending machine owners stocking them in the middle of the night, which can be physically challenging when you have 10 or more machines that you have to stock.



Vending Business Success Also Requires That You Make Sure Your Stocked Items Are In Date


For instance, if you sell cookies or potato chips, they will have an expiration date, if you sell old product, you will have very angry customers demanding their money back.


Myth 2 - The Vending Machine Business Is A Hands-Off Business


When ads run for vending machines, they do not tell you about the maintenance that goes into keeping your machine in tip-top shape.

Let's face it, people that use your vending machines are not going to be gentle, after all, it is not theirs, so many people will be rough with it. They are electronic and these parts can and do wear out.


Truth 2 - Vending Business Success Require That You Properly Maintain Your Machines.


Have you ever gone to a vending machine, put your money in and it does register that you put anything in?

You just lost your money because no one is around to fix it.

This is often due to lack of maintenance on the part of the machine owner. Therefore, you have to realize that if you own vending machines, they need regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning correctly.


Myth 3 - You Can Start A Vending Business With A Small Amount Of Cash


The investment to start vending as a businesss is relatively low, which of course is attractive. The less money you have to spend to start your own business, the better.


Truth 3 - While Vending Business Success Doesn't Require $100k To Start, You Will Still Need Money To Invest In Your Vending Machine, Products, And Occasional Maintenance Costs.


The money to start vending as a business - if you just buy one machine - is low.

However, when you run across those that sell them, they try to entice you into buying more than one, which they make it sound very good, but in reality, you are going into debt before you even start your business.


Myth 4 - Entrepreneurs Who Pursue Vending As A Business Cannot Make Full-Time Living


This has been a myth that arose when many people went into the business and purchased too many machines too fast.


Truth 4 - For Those That Start A Vending Business, It Is Possible To Make A Full-Time Living, But It Does Take Time To Build It Up.


It is wise to begin with one vending machine, allow that to begin making money and then purchase another.

This way you start slow and build slow, but over the course of a few years, you can be earning good money.


Myth 5 - I'll Be Able To Set My Vending Machine Anywhere I Please And I Can Always Get The Best Locations


Truth 5 - To Obtain Vending Business Success, Location Is Important. But You Can't Always Assume You Will Have The Best Location


In order to get these prime locations, you will need to speak with the business owners and make it a good deal for them.

The more you speak to potential customers, the more you will become more confident, which will often land you in the best spots.


Myth 6- Vending Machine Business Owners Get Special Discounts Because They Belong To A Special "Club"


Many new vending machine businesses are run by owners falsely believe that if they start a vending machine business, they will get special discounts on the products they stock in my machines and be entitled massive discounts so they will make more money per product.


Truth 6 - There Is No Special "Club" That You Become A Member Of When You Pursue Vending As A Business - You Can, However, Buy In Bulk, Which Will Save You Money.


However, you still have to buy the products to stock the machines, which means this is money you have to spend out of your earnings.


Here's Starting A Vending Machine Business With Success!


P.S. Here's A Few More Tips To Help You Start Your Vending As A Business Venture A Success...