You May Wonder...What Difference
Does It Make If I Use My Life
To Make An Impact?

The other day, I ran into a friend and she asked me, 'What difference does it make if I
use my life to make an impact?
Why is making a difference so important?'


Dear Wondering What Difference Does It Make If You Use Your Life To Make An Impact,


I struggled to put it into words..and here's what came from my heart.

"Using your life to make a difference is important because you only have one life to life.  And when you die, you will want to die with the peace of mind knowing that you used your life, your voice, and your purpose to do what it is that you were designed to do."


Still Unconvinced, I Had A Friend To Ask Me


  • "Why should I care?
  • Why is making a difference such an important life goal?
  • What difference does it make?
  • Why should I take the time to even consider the self-improvement advice that you've laid out before me?"


To Better Respond To Her "What Difference Does It Make?" Question, I Sat Down, And Wrote Her This Letter .


Discover The Power of The Legacy Perspective And You Will Discover Why 'What Difference Does It Make' Leads You Astray.

(Now, before I present you with this letter, I want you to understand something about what my friend and I understand about life...and death.

I wrote this letter from the perspective that eventually we all will die - death is inevitable.

And when it's my friend's time to die, she and I both agreed that I would honor her with a letter.)


I thought about what I would want to write to her if she were to die BEFORE being able to live out her true life's purpose.

And, the letter that appears below is the letter that expresses the thoughts that I would want to express to you and her about what dying without fulfilling life's purpose.



This Is What The Letter Said...


Discover The Power of The Legacy Perspective And You Will Discover Why 'What Difference Does It Make' Leads You Astray.


To My Dearest Friend,


The harshest reality about life is that it went on without you.


I noticed that when I left your funeral, drivers were still careening down the highways and byways.

The birds were still chirping, and the wind was still tickling the leaves.

It was harsh because now you lay there, in an eternal position, and you can't leave your stamp on life.


The Harshest Thing About Death Is That Life Keeps Living Without You.


The harshest thing about life is that your day of death comes with or without your knowing. And the harshest thing about not knowing is that you waste your today living as if there was no tomorrow.

And the harshest thing about tomorrow is that it is often so infused with just trying to make it that you don't really focus on the permanence of it all.

The harshest thing about the permanence of it all is that you can't erase your yesterday, for you can only live today.

The harshest thing about living today is you've gotten trapped into living as if today is all there is in life.


But To Break This Cycle Of Harsh Reality Is To Understand That Time Keeps Moving Whether You Take The Time To Shape Your Life Into A Legacy Or Not.


Factor in your legacy with every passing day. Factor in your life legacy when you begin to question if you really have what it takes to make a difference in someone else's life.


When Asking Yourself About Your Life Legacy...Don't Let The Question, "What Difference Does It Make?" Rob You Of Taking The Opportunity To Leave A Impact.


Don't let an exasperated feeling of "What difference does it make?" keep you from at least trying. For one day, your life will end. And after that day, what is it that you want to be said about how you lived your life?

If you had to leave life today, would you leave a legacy that's unfulfilled, and a life that unlived?

I hope not.


When You Stop To Consider What Difference Does It Make Whether You Use Your Life To Leave An Impact, Consider This...

Your purpose and your contribution to the world, is far too important to die without at least trying.

I love you for the magic that you bring the I implore you, "Please don't leave this life without at least making an effort to leave your impression here on Earth."

Signed: Latarsha - a dear friend who truly cares about your signficance.


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Here's To Finding A Way To Live Your Life From The Legacy-perspective!


Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!