While I Love Starting My Own Home Baking Business, But The Success I'm Facing Means That I Deal With Burn Out Or Hire An Assistant

by Terena K.

My home baking business has proven to be a very successful home business opportunity.  But I have to design it better, because my choice is to either burn out or hire an assistant.

My home baking business has proven to be a very successful home business opportunity. But I have to design it better, because my choice is to either burn out or hire an assistant.

My Home Baking Cheesecake Business Has Become A Very Successful Home Business Opportunity

I originally started my own home baking business due to my absolute love of cooking for other people.
Frequently, in my spare time, I would spend hours watching Food Network and attempt to duplicate things I've seen on certain shows or recreate my own recipes from scratch.

Eventually, I found I was exceptionally talented at creating and decorating baked goods and would volunteer my talents at all holidays, birthdays, and social events.

Soon enough, I began to cater my mother's company parties and was receiving special requests for baked goods several days per week.

Family and friends, as well as my mother's coworkers now continuously commented on my excellent baking skills and kept asking why I haven't opened up my own business yet.

I Started My Home Based Baking Business After Receiving Many Compliments On My Baking

After so many of these comments and compliments on my baking, I decided to look into opening my own home baked business and ordered a few books from Amazon.com on the subject./p>

  • One book I found particularly helpful was "How To Open a Financially Successful Bakery" by Sharon Fullen and Douglas Brown.

  • This book came with software to help me write business plans and keep track of finances which was a great addition to the spreadsheets I planned out for myself on Microsoft Excel's database.

My Home Baking Business Has Become Known As THE Premier Spot For Cheesecakes

My home baking business specializes in the typical baked goods like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, with a heavy emphasis on my unique specialty cheesecakes.

My cheesecakes have been said to rival some of the best and most delicious restaurant quality cheesecakes available. More than anything, I prefer to bake cheesecakes over any other dessert so I chose my favorite and most highly requested flavors as the backbone of my baking business.

If You Are Looking To Start A Successful Home Business Opportunity, Then Make Sure You Set Up Your Business Structure Properly

  • My business structure is set up as a sole proprietorship, using my name as a DBA, and I started out with a small business checking account from my local bank and managed my funds online.

  • Thus far, the amount of time it took for my attorney to look over and finalize the paperwork so the bank could open my checking account was the only frustration at this point.

To Establish A Successful Home Business Opportunity, My Advice To You Is To Manage Your Time Effectively

Having been in business for almost a year now and looking back over the previous few months, one of the biggest challenges of opening my own business was managing my time properly.

I realized that opening and running my own baking business would be challenging and time-consuming.

But putting in 16 hours per day to cater a company party and barely making it through the Christmas season draining every last bit of energy I had leaves me wishing I had a full-time assistant or more of a social life left for myself.

What I've Learned Is That Some Of The Aspects Of Running A Successful Home Business Opportunity Just Aren't 'Fun' - Having A Successful Business Can Take A Lot Of Work

I realized the devotion it would take to accomplish this, but my perception at the beginning of my baking career was that it was purely for fun and a small amount of monetary gain. At this point, its all about managing expenses, meeting deadlines, and working all night to fill the orders.

This Past Holiday Season However, Was Very Taxing On My Home Baking Business

Being busy is obviously good, but this past holiday season left me starting cake orders at 2am and finishing them the next day with little to no enthusiasm to continue to bake.

Somehow this Christmas rush left me burned out and my energy and passion for baking has seemed to decrease a bit.

Learn From My Experience, Running A Successful Home Business Opportunity May Mean That You Just Can't Do It All Yourself

At this point, the biggest benefit of having my own business is the ability to call all the shots, yet I find I would like to hire an assistant, but am hesitant to do so since its always been me by myself and my self-sufficiency (and perhaps stubbornness) has always gotten the job done.

My Major Piece Of Advice For Anyone One Looking To Run A Successful Home Business Opportunity Is To Make Plans To Get An Assistant BEFORE You Burn Out

If I could offer one major piece of advice to anyone starting their own home baking business, it would be to get an assistant before you become burned out doing everything yourself and lose interest and passion in what you're doing.

Even if you are the most devoted to baking and determined to get the job done til wee hours of the night, you will need help!

Avoid The Frustration And Worry Of Not Meeting Deadlines And Stop Sleep-Depriving Yourself To Fill Orders By Hiring Someone To Help

This was my biggest mistake of this baking season as I did not anticipate having this much work to do on my own and things would have flowed a bit more smoothly if I would have hired an assistant prior to this.

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