Easy and Fun Ways To Make Money.
Use Your Creativity To Earn Cash.

Easy and Fun Ways To Make Money - -  Use Your Creativity To Earn Cash.

"Searching for easy and fun ways to make money?  Find a way to use your creativity to start a
web-based store that will spark-a-smile and make them stay for awhile"

How Others Are Using Their Creativity To Find Easy Fun Ways To Money

Many people have launched successful web-stores by using their creative whimsy to feature their unique works of art and expressions.

Fueled with their intent to make a difference, they launch a business that allows them to express themselves in a personal way, make an impact on lives, and earn money in the process.

Many have launched really successful businesses by running web-stores that allow them to create what's on their mind with print-on-demand site that allow you to upload your own designs Spreadshirt or  CafePress.com.

Tip One. When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money, Think "Niche."

For any business to be a success, it must exist to help a hand-selected niche of people by either solving their problem, making them feel better, or both.

When you launch a web-store, you launch it with the expectations that you will be able to attract visitors to your store and entice them to buy.

But what happens when you launch your webshop only to find that no one is visiting?

Tip Two. When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money, Use A Voice That Connects.

Find ways to create items that will actually stir the interest of your cluster.

Many people who buy t-shirts and other printed products, buy them because they like what it says .

Thus, you must use your creativity to creatively express the voice of a niched cluster.

  • You can find many easy fun ways to make money by creating a collection of items on your site that will light up the lives of your niched cluster .

  • You want them to "oooh" and "ahhh over the fact that you took the time to design items with their expressed interests in mind .

  • You want your niche to find a unique line of items that they can find nowhere else .

  • You accomplish this by focusing your designs on creating acutely-themed products that fit perfectly within their lives .

  • Thus, you need to figure out which niche of people you want to use your voice and creativity to help.

For example, one enterprising creative person used her creativity to launch web-store that focused on being a Lactivist.

She was able to rally a lot of support because she focused her efforts on placing her quirky sayings on a t-shirt that raised awareness around her cause.

Tip Three. When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money, Seek Out Partnering-Potential.

Make Sure Your Niche Gives You Partnering Ability.

The number one myth to fight when starting your business is believing that "just because you built it, they will come."

Replace that belief with this truth, "building it doesn't give you a guarantee that they will come."

The only guarantee you can give yourself is to use your creativity to serve the needs of your niched cluster in a variety of ways.

Tip Four. When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money, Build Win-Win Relationships.

Partnering with a local non-profit, or other cause-related group gives you a way to serve your niche and get ideas for fresh inspiration.

The benefits of such a relationship are numerous:

  1. Your site and created goods can be an avenue that they can use to message across through the creation of your goods.

  2. Your site could also be used to help your non-profit of choice with fundraising efforts .

    Perhaps you can donate portion of your sales to further their cause , or

    You could also design one featured product whose sales all go to furthering their cause.

  3. You can also use your relationship to determine which designs have the most promise .

    Don't assume that everything you create will appeal to everyone in the group.

    Keep your eyes and ears open and keep testing your approach .

    Over time, you will be able to filter through which designs will become your best seller, and which ones to toss out.

Tip Five. When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money, Design With Wide Niche-Appeal.

For example, let's pretend that you are passionate about the rare and exotic bird , the Black-faced Spoonbill.

And excitedly you begin to crank out the designs, day after day, only to find that after months of work, only three people purchased

So...how should you respond?

  • Do you stop promoting the Black-faced Spoonbill bird?

  • Or should you include additional designs that feature other exotic birds like the Pale-headed Brush Finch, or the Sooty-capped Puffbird.

Tip Six. When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money, Find Ways To Expand.

Look for outside ways to expand your business by adding dimensions to your business that give you a easy and fun way to make money with your passion.

After you have successfully started this web-store business, you may want to expand your efforts by

  1. Finding another related niche to serve.

    For example, after you have successfully launched your rare-bird site, other rare animal enthusiasts may want a site dedicated to their interests.

  2. Creating a informational website for your niche

    Or, you may combine your creative prowess and your passion for the subject and create a niched-filled website that features information and the latest updates on rare and exotic birds found around the world.

  3. Launching a successful offline-business that takes your business a step further.

    I'm sure you can think of many easy and fun ways to make money from hosting activities.

    Maybe you can begin giving seminars that match your passion, or even arrange rare-bird excursions around the world.

The Steps You Need to Take To Figure Out How You Can Use Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money.

  1. Begin brainstorming which passions, interests, causes, groups stirs your passion. Then begin to use your creative works to become a voice for a cause that appeal to you.

  2. Open an account with either CafePress or Spreadshirt.


  • Both of these enable you to upload your original designs on a t-shirt and house your own store on their site.

  • Begin testing their system to figure out how to design your store.

  • Start networking with your chosen niche. Actively listen to some of their major concerns. Then use these to fuel your design.

  • Begin volunteering your time with your group of choice.

    • Find other creative ways to make yourself useful for them.

    • Figure out what you can do to offer your niche help in solving some of their most frustrating and pressing problems.

    • Are their any offline value-added seminars or classes that you can offer?

  • When Using Your Creativity to Find Easy Fun Ways To Make Money - Don't Forget to Have Fun.

    Many creative people have launched successful e-commerce businesses by using their creative skills, knowledge, and ideas to create successful webstore businesses.

    The key finding easy, and fun ways to make money is to find things that you can do for your targeted niche that are both fun and easy for you.

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