Four Life Lessons And Entrepreneur Characteristics That Helped Me Overcome My Shyness And Start A New Business

by Joi

Becoming an entrepreneur has definitely been a journey that has helped me to overcome my shyness and embrace confidence.

Becoming an entrepreneur has definitely been a journey that has helped me to overcome my shyness and embrace confidence.

My Story Of Entrepreneurship - It Just Sort Of Happened.

I never set out to become an entrepreneur; it just sort of happened.  In 2009, I lost my job, the economy was going downhill fast, and I was growing tired of filling out applications, printing resumes, and going to interviews where I was turned down only because they hired someone's niece or best friend instead of a qualified applicant.

Around the same time, an acquaintance offered to pay me to do some work for him.  It did not take long for me to realize that I had a marketable skill, and if I played my cards right, I would never have to work for anyone else again.

When I Began Considering What Being An Entrepreneur Actually Means, I Had To Reframe My Thoughts

To me, being an entrepreneur had always meant opening a store or creating a product.  After a little bit of experience, I realized it meant being innovative and so passionate about something that you want to focus your life on it.

It meant having control over your own destiny and freedom to make your own decisions. I also learned that it meant that I would have to work harder than anyone else and learn to be a competitor in a very competitive world.

After 4 Years Of Running A Successful Business, I've Learned A Few Things

1. People pleasing gets you nowhere.  Though I had always been a shy people pleaser, it had to change. I couldn't  sit in the background and wait for opportunities to come to me. When you are the boss, you have to make the opportunities.

2. When someone tells you no, you can't take time to lick your wounds.  You have to get back out there, and try again. If someone takes advantage of you, you have to be assertive and unafraid.

3. Having characteristics of a successful entrepreneur also means that you have to juggle the many facets of business while developing a professional reputation.

4. Learn to be stubborn and never give up on your dreams. A resileint and successful entrepreneur also knows that success is always just around the corner. It may take weeks, months or even years to get there, but if you do not give up, you will eventually find it.

Those 4 Entrepreneur Life Lessons Above Have Carried Me Far

Starting my own business has definitely had it's ups and downs.  And the thing that made me the successful entrepreneur I am today is that I didn't let the downs keep me down.

  • I remember when I landed my first major client.  It happened after months of bad luck and being told that I should go back to working for someone else.   The client turned out to be a jerk with unreasonable demands and used unprofessional behavior.

  • I was disappointed that our relationship did not work out, and I began to wonder if my friends and family were right. Maybe I should give up and go work for someone else.

Although I Wanted To Give Up, I Found That The Resillent Characteristic That Many Entrepreneurs Have Was In Me

I didn't give up.  I couldn't give up. I kept was like a disease I couldn't get rid of - and a few months later, I landed an even better client.

I had so much fun (and made tons of money) working with them, and I had a great job to use as a resource for when I decided to begin pursuing more work.

What's My Bottom-Line Small Business Start-Up Advice To New Entrepreneurs?

Never forget this:  an entrepreneur must be two things: a) not afraid of the world and the people in it and b) never willing to give up on their passion.  



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