What Is The Leading Characteristic Of An Entrepreneur Headed For Greatness?

As a budding business owner, you will have to know how to push your business through to it's existence.

  • You've got to learn how to take on the leading characteristic of being an entrepreneur who can actually create a business that customers will crave.

  • You've got to have what it takes to go the distance and bring your visions from mind to full fruition.

So, I want to hear from you, when you think entrepreneur, what definition comes to mind?

  • What are some defining characteristics that separate entrepreneurs from the pack?

  • Are great entrepreneurs born or made?

  • Or...is it a combination of both?

So, Let's Hear From You, How Do You Define A Great Entrepreneur?

  • What are a few common traits that many entrepreneurs embody

  • What makes an entrepreneur...great?

Read Tips, Stories, and Suggestions Left By Others Regarding Whether A Small Biz That Headed For Failure CAN Be Saved.

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