3 Crucial Gift Basket Home Based Business Start-Up Tips

A gift basket home based business pro reveals 3 simple tips that will help you run your gift basket home based business successfully.


When Starting Your Gift Basket Home-Based Business, It Helps To Think Strategically


Starting a gift basket business is a really exciting venture. You have the creative gene pumpin' and all of those ideas running around in your head. Before starting a gift basket business it helps to truly think through

  1. What you will offer and
  2. What you will charge
  3. Whether or not you can design your business in such a way that it can both sustain itself and earn you enough profit to keep your business moving.


When Starting Your Gift Basket Home-Based Business, It Helps To Focus On What Type Of Gift Baskets To Offer


So, let's focus on part one above, which is deciding on what type of gift baskets you should offer in your gift-basket home-based business. I recently heard from a gift basket business owner who shares 3 critical tips on how to start your gift basket business with success.

Dear Latarsha,

I started my gift basket home-based business a while ago. My advice to others looking to start their own gift basket business is to begin with a vision in mind.  It gets really competitive trying to come up with ideas for gift baskets and trying to decide what to truly offer your customers.

My advice to fellow vending machine business entrepreneurs is to get a solid vision on who it is that you want to serve with your business, and then to go after them with their core needs in mind.

When I started my gift basket business, the type of gift baskets I sold was primarily decided for me.  I primarily sell gift baskets for baby showers and the birth of babies.


Gift Basket Start-Up Advice Tip 1 - Make Your Gift Baskets Something That People Just Can't Resist Talking About


My gift basket home-based business started when a co-worker was having a baby shower at my office.  I compiled group of smaller gifts that others in my office were giving and made it into a single, breath-taking and gorgeous basket.  The people in the office were mesmerized at what I was able to do with their items.

And boom, my gift-basket home-based business was started.

  • It did not take long forward to spread through the company and then to friends of friends.
  • Most often people would tell me how much they wanted to spend and I would simply fill the basket with items meeting their price point.


Gift Basket Start-Up Advice Tip 2 - Make Sure You Truly Enjoy What You Are Putting Together


I am now known for putting together 'Welcome Home Baby' baskets that give new moms peace of mind. I really get a kick out of making these types of baskets, and I stick to them because I have a core passion for making it work out.

I have done baskets for other occasions, but I quickly learned a few things.  The first thing is that it is important to stick to things that you truly have a passion for. There is no point in starting a business doing something that you do not fully enjoy.

  • If you love weddings and working with brides than focus on bridal shower baskets .
  • It may also be a good idea to do "day of" baskets filled with goodies and helpful items for the morning if the wedding or the post wedding party.


Gift Basket Start-Up Advice Tip 2 - When You Think Of Starting A Gift Basket Home Based Business With Success, Think 'Specialize'


The second thing I learned is that specializing in something allowed me to be able to price baskets effectively.  My 'Welcome Home Baby Baskets' are incredibly popular - and very easy for me to manage from a business perspective.

I know how much almost any baby item can be purchased for whether it it bought in a retail shop or online.

  • Having this specialty allows me to give fair and accurate pricing , while still making a profit.
  • I know my clientele and products very well.


Gift Basket Start-Up Advice Tip 3 - Know When To Walk Away From An Opportunity


The last and maybe most important thing I learned was to know when and why to walk away.

  • I am able to see when a client can not be pleased.
  • I am never afraid to offer a refund if I feel I can not provide what a client wants or if I feel they are treating me or my staff unfairly.


I Am Also Able To Determine If A Person Has Unrealistic Wants For Their Budget.


People may see one of my baskets and love it , but may not be able to afford the same type.  It may be necessary for them to choose a basket that better fits their budget.

  • I never make them feel as if their budget is insufficient - which really is the secret ingredient to my success.
  • I make each client feel as if they are getting a million dollars worth of product whether they are spending twenty five dollars or five hundred dollars.


Staring Your gift basket home based business - Think 'Vision' It's What Will Make You A Success


Never limit your vision based on limiting beliefs about yourself or your true abilities.  Always strive to find a way to make your vision and your customer's experience...magical.

I never limit my vision, I simply use my imagination. I make "baskets " of everything from actual baskets to bassinets.  Clients get as much choice and freedom as their budget will allow, and I get the wonderful job of making their hearts skip a beat anytime they lay their eyes on one of my creation - no matter what the budget.


Here's To Your Success With Finding Small Business Ideas That Fit Your Passion!


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