A Day In The Customer's Shoes - And What It Can Teach You About How To Get More Customers

So...getting customers to try your business isn't as easy as you'd thought, eh? Discover
how a simple exercise in spending the day in your customer's

shoes can help figure out how to get more customers to come to you.


So...How Do You Get More Customers?


The best way to get more customers to come to your business is to Walk-A-Mile-In-The-Customer's-Shoe.  Just for one brief moment, I want you to think about what it feels like when you are playing the role of customer.


Think About Those Businesses That Are Clamoring For Your Attention Right Now


Think about all of those businesses (both small and large) who have tried to claim your attention in the past.. What happened? There were some who got your attention, and others whom you barely noticed.

This is because, as a consumer, you don't have time to listen to every Tom, Harry, and Sal on the radio, TV, or in the streets who is trying to convince you to part with your hard earned money in exchange for their over-hyped promises.  In fact, the more aggressive they are in their sales tactics, the more likely you are to run the other way.


Wake Up And Smell Reality - Your Customers Are No Different Than You.


Your customers are busy people who are struggling to live their lives in the midst of a consistently changing world and reality.

  • They don't have the luxury, time or inclination to listen to you aggressively pitch them on your business, product or service.
  • They only want to hear from and talk to those businesses that have a solution that's targeted toward them.


You Don't Have The Time (Or The Money) To Address A-l-l The Needs Of Every Single Person Who You Pass On The Street.


So stop trying to market to every Tom, Bill and Sally.  Give your time and undivided attention to that ONE niched cluster who will go absolutely crazy about what it is that you exist to do


How To Get More Customers To Come To You - The Bottom-Line.


  • Today's harried customer doesn't have the luxury or the time to waste listening to you ramble on about your new business just for the sake of it.
  • The quickest way to kill your new business is to "pitch" your business to every Tom, Harry, and Sal on the street.
  • Respect your business and protect it's livelihood by restricting your marketing messages and business sales attempts to those people who authentically crave what your business offers.


Be Encouraged To Talk Exclusively To Those Targeted Customers Who Crave What You Do!


Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!


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