Promote Your Business By Using Marketing Strategy That
Gets You Noticed.

Promote Your Business And Use Marketing Strategy That Will Get You Noticed.

When you are wondering how you will promote your business,make sure you use your
marketing and business advertising strategy to ensure that your business will
get noticed from across a crowded room.  Take a few clues from here.
Bet you would notice HER from across the room wouldn't you?

Business promotion doesn't just happen…it has to be orchestrated on your part.

When you start your business you will have to know how you will promote your business - it has to be a part of your marketing strategy.

  • You have to plan how your will get your niched cluster to notice you, and your business.

  • You will how to plan out the who, what, when, where, and how your business promotion will take place.

  • Because if you don't, then how will you capture the attention of your targeted market cluster?
  • How will members your niched cluster know that you are now open for business?

So, you know you wonder, "what is it that I must to do promote my business, how can I make it a part of my marketing strategy?"

  1. Let's learn a little marketing strategy lesson from something we've all witnessed at some point in our lives.

  2. We'll call this the Crowded Room Affect

The Crowded Room Affect (And How You Can Use It To Promote Your Business And Make Your Marketing Strategy Pop

The Crowded Room Affect is the phenomena we've witnessed taking place in crowded rooms all around the world. Let's watch the scene play out.

  • You walk into a crowded room, and for some reason your eyes zoom to her.
  • She's vivacious, full of energy.

  • She makes you ponder,"Hmmm…I wonder what she is about."
    She seems so fascinating."

  • You watch how she interacts with others.

    Man…can she work the room.

  • You notice the color of her hair, the vibrance of her outfit and ohhh, those cute shoes she's wearing.

  • You even notice the fragrance of her path.

  • Each of the elements that makes her strikingly interesting seem to work together make her enthralling to watch.

    Each of the elements that make her breath-taking are all working together to create a signature style that only she can pull off.

  • Here's the most interesting reality of this experience:

    Her branded style is just…mesmerizing.

    Yes, she is pretty...but there's something else to it.

    It's something about her presence.

    (though she's not the most beautiful woman in the room…she is the most captivating…

    There's just something magical and confident about her unique presence.

Now, take a snapshot of that moment with your mind.

Use that moment to think about how you can promote your business and use your marketing strategy to capitalize on the Crowded Room Affect.

How will you transform your business into a signature brand that will be noticed from across the room?

How To Promote Your Business.  Marketing Strategy Tips To Make Your Business Pop

Here are a few tips you can use when you thinking of how you will promote your business so that your target market will notice your business in a crowded market place.

  1. Include something in your business that is worth noticing.

    Noooo, I'm not suggesting you wear a clown hat or some type of silly button.

    But you need to have something that your customers can encounter and make them notice you.

  2. Make your interactions with others girlfriend worthy.

    Girlfriend worthy means that: You did something during the course of your business that was worthy enough, to make your customer mention you, to her girlfriend during a phone call.

    It doesn't have to be business as usual, but it doesn't have to be over-the-top either.

    It should be something that you gave her, or said to her that enriches her life, making it a little simpler.

  3. Be vivacious.

    Don't be boring, mundane, and conduct business like-everyone-else.

  4. Be noticed.
    Approach your business promotion strategy with pizazz.

  5. Be signatured.
    Promote your business and make your marketing strategy stand out from the rest by thinking about how you will assemble elements in your business to create a signature branding affect.

Wishing You Signatured Success!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, your signature branding strategist, and motivational coach.

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