The Real Meaning Of Success

What Is The REAL meaning of success?

What Is The REAL meaning of success?

Success -- What Is It, Really?

What is the real meaning of success?

  • Some people will tell you that it's wealth: a new car, a boat, a big-screen TV, a fancy house, et cetera.

  • Others will tell you that it's the simple life, only a happy marriage and children.

And fewer still will tell you that they can each be correct.

  • Because all that success really happiness!

  • Happiness equals success; success equals happiness.

Human beings have a compulsion to view those who have great wealth and/or power, and those who have many loved ones, as being successful people.

Because, for the most part, people believe that these are the things which will make them happy -- as though they will, one day, reach a plateau where they no longer need any more friends or material objects in order to satisfy their inner longings.

It's a pathological disorder on a worldwide scale; people can't find true happiness in these things, but they need to believe it is the case.

  • If only it were so easy.

    • Society and popular culture help to propagate this myth, everyone trying their best to reassure convince themselves that it is the truth.

But the sad truth is...that those who have great wealth and/or popularity are not necessarily any happier than anyone else.

  • In fact, very few people have ever been genuinely happy, and thus, seldom few people have ever been genuinely successful.

  • The lust for wealth and glory are almost a trap in this way, as one can be led down the primrose path for an eternity before, if ever, realizing the awful truth...almost everyone dies confused and unsuccessful.

True happiness, success, is not at all so easy to come by.

  • It isn't as easy as being charming, or making lots of money.

  • No, in order to be truly happy, you must love and accept everyone and everything, and never take yourself so seriously that you ever become angry or to seek to dominate others.

  • The real meaning of success requires that:

    1. You must be humble.

    2. You must not desire wealth and popularity -- two things which can never, on their own, fill the void that only love can nourish and, ultimately, quench.

    3. You must be a guru; a wiseman; all on your own.

  • The real meaning of success is tied to all of these things.

  • That is the only way to genuine happiness, and thus, success!

Good luck!

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Aug 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

This is true that, you can convert your passion into your successful business by following few important tips.

Aug 20, 2011
by: Brent Scott

You are successfull in life when you get up in the morning and contribute to the day.If you were to look at most overnight success stories,you would find out that overnight took 20 years of nights.You can tell a person who is successfull by how loud someone else blows thier horn.There is that old saying that all men are created equal,well that is some what true,but most successfull buisness people or athletes worked extremely hard to achieve there own success.Behind every Rags to Riches story is a person who had a vision and worked to achieve it.No one stands in the way of a motivated entrepreneur,and usually there greatest weakness is failure to let go of something untill its exhausted all reasonable thinking,and funds.

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