What Words Of Wisdom Would You
Give Your 18-Year-Old Self?

"If you could view your future through the eye
of your 18-year old self, what words of wisdom
would you give your about life, success,
and the pursuit of happiness?"

There are times during life when we reflect on what it is that we really wanted out of life.

Sometimes we look back at our younger selves and we catch a glimpse of who we were before the years started to tumble by.

  • So...just for fun, or just for a little motivational pick-me up, what would you tell your eighteen year old self as it relates to what it REALLY takes to succeed in life?

  • As you reflect on today's success trends and realities, what key thing would you want her to know about pursuing her dreams and living a full life?

  • What words of wisdom would you give her about how to achieve success in the context of reality?


What Success Advice Would You Give The 18-Year-Old Version Of Yourself?

So...what would you tell yourself if you were 18 again?

What words of motivation, or words of wisdom would you give yourself regarding what it REALLY takes to succeed in life and pursue your life dreams?

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