We can actually travel back to the past and recorrect our mistakes.

by Carl Khaw
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

There Were So Many Things I Did Wrongly In The Past.

They all piled up to my present life and eventually made me a miserable human being.

The Wisdom Of A 7 Year Old Changed My Life

In one very casual occassion, I naively told my 7 year old nephew, "How nice it is if I can travel back in time to reshuffle all the mistakes I had made in my entire life."

To my amazement, he astoundingly proclaimed to me, "Definately a sure thing Uncle! It's easy, you just don't repeat the mistakes you had made then and start to change for better right from this moment!"

Wow! That Snapped Me Out Of My Long Vindictive Pain At Almost Instantenously.

What a perfect answer which I have been searching for a long time.

My Wisdom Was Elicited Instantly.

If I could just change my patterns, behaviours, thought, habits and actions right now...... I will actually be anticipating a better future in life.
My point is , there is actually no past and future as you give it an indepth thought!

What is happening in our life is actually happening right now!

  • At this very moment! We insuccently are in motion all the time, it is the rotation of the earth at it axis that evolves us daylight and nightfall.

  • That is when yesterday and tomorrow are derives, and the 'Past and the Future' phenomenonly prevail.

Carl Khaw

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