3 Trends To Consider When Looking For Recession-Proof Business Ideas

"Looking for recession-proof business ideas? Then catch a
clue by looking at look at current trends for ideas. "


Recession-Proof Business Trend Idea One - Start A Baby-Boomer Focused Business.


One thing we know about baby boomers is that they are re-defining what it means to age gracefully.  There are lots of businesses that you can start by looking at what the baby boomer population and their needs.

Some are kicking up their heels and enjoying their retirement years, while others are dabbling in second or third part-time careers.

So, by putting on your entrepreneurial thinking hat and looking at ways to be of service to the baby boomer population, you can find many small business service-oriented ideas such as starting a boomer-focus errand service or travel-service.


Recession-Proof Business Trend Idea Two - Start A Business That Springs From Servicing A Need That's Mandated By Law.


Regardless of how strained the economy is, businesses and consumers alike have to follow rules mandated by law.

For example, I know of an entrepreneur in California who is thriving in the midst of this economic crunch because of a law in California that mandates the installation of sprinkler systems for homes and businesses that extend beyond a pre-specified square footage.


Recession-Proof Business Trend Idea Three - Start A Business That Capitalizes On A Medical Niche


This startup business idea extends Trend One by looking at baby-boomers and their health-based needs.

For example, in a few years you will find that a host of opportunities will exist in helping to service the health needs of an aging population who are defining what it means to age.

Boomers could possible have needs for hospital beds that blend better with home decor, or needs for an entrepreneur who understands how to retrofit their home to make it more comfortable as they age.



Finding Recession-Proof Business Ideas: The Bottom-line


The key to finding recession-proof business ideas is to become keenly aware of those products and services that people have to spend money on regardless of their current economic reality.

Small business success is possible during times of economic duress, however, it takes the ability to look at current trends and realities and know where the market is headed.

And though there is no guarantee of start-up business success, there is a way of increasing your odds of success.



Here Are A Few Key Ways To Find That Small Business Idea That Is Right For You



Here's To Finding THAT Small Business Idea That Works For You!


Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!