Starting A House CLeaning Business - 6 Insider Tips

Tips From Elizabeth W, Colorado - A Former Home Business Cleaning Business Owner

Below, I tell my story of starting a house cleaning business. I share with you a few insider tips that will help you run a successful home cleaning business and keep your customers coming back.

Starting A House Cleaning Business - My Story Of How I Started

I ran a successful house cleaning business for two years. However, starting a house cleaning business wasn't actually my idea - I started the business based on a friend’s nudge. I was working on a degree program and needed to raise some cash for my expenses,.

My friend was a member of the local country club and knew of some ladies that were complaining they never had time to clean their home. She gave me four ladies names and they all became dedicated clients for weekly cleanings. My home cleaning business success didn't happen overnight, but it did happen because of the 6 success tips to starting a house cleaning business that I give you below.

Starting A House Cleaning Business Success Tip One - Be Consistent

Starting a home cleaning business can be a steady way to earn income. Just make sure you are consistent.

I was consistently the same on each visit - my work was predictable and in the house cleaning business, that also means dependable work.

Starting A House Cleaning Business Success Tip Two - Be Flexible And Willing To Understand What Truly Matters For Each Client

I contribute my home cleaning business success to the the fact that I was flexible and allowed my clients to dictate what was important to them. This means, that I had to make sure I took the time to understand those things - small and big - that truly mattered to my clientele.

Each job had a different character about it, which mean I had to always be mindful of the specific concerns each of my customers had.

For example, one client was particular about how the bed was made. The sheets have to be perfectly placed with the fold down the center. For her, that was a crucial piece in my returning each week.

Being flexible and adapting to the uniqueness of an account is a key to client satisfaction and something you shouldn't ever forget when starting a home cleaning business.

Starting A House Cleaning Business Success Tip Three - Create A Work Schedule - And Stick To It

One of the key strategies to my success is the fact that I scheduled jobs out across the week. That way, I could give each of my accounts 100% of my attention. I was always on time and I did not need to rush off to another account.

Starting A House Cleaning Business Success Tip Four - Establish An First-Visit Assessment Process

In the long run, good work lead to client commitment and referrals. To be successful, I learned early on to develop a first visit assessment process.

Through this assessment process, I learned how to determine what I could get done in the time period we agreed to for their home.

I also learned how to what I would do in my cleaning visits and asked about their needs.

Starting A House Cleaning Business Success Tip Five - Communication Is Very Important

Communication is really important when setting up the relationship - you are in your client's home and a level of trust must be earned. Some clients take longer than others to develop that trust.

Starting A House Cleaning Business Success Tip Six - Know Your Competiton And Understand What They Offer

Running a cleaning business is hard work and keeping up with the competition can sometimes make it harder. There are competitive challenges to this type of business.

For example, competition can offer more workers at one time for a lower price.

  • The best advice I can give you is to get to know what your competition well.
  • Get to know their strengths, weaknesses, pricing strategies, as well as what they offer and what they don't
  • Be prepared to share what your advantages are if this comes up on one of your accounts.
  • Also, if you have to be prepared to offer a discount or add a window cleaning once a month at no cost to keep the business competitive.

Starting A House Cleaning Business - The Bottom-Line

There is a great benefit to cleaning houses for a living and I truly enjoyed having my own home cleaning business.

  • It is a flexible work schedule that fit with my school schedule.
  • There is instant reward in the work you do.
  • For example, a perfectly vacuumed rug will leave track marks from the roller and remove sporadic foot prints. You can see the results of your labor immediately.

A More Rewarding Feature Of This Benefit Comes From Giving Someone That Is Living Alone, Some Company.

I had one client that made me a snack every visit.

  • She insisted I sit with her and have the treat half way through the cleaning.
  • During this time she shared her week and it put a smile on my face knowing she looked forward to my house cleaning days.

Here's To Your Success With Finding Small Business Ideas That Fit Your Passion!

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