"How Can I Market My New Business To Attract Customers?" The Answer. "Be Like Honey"

Your Question: "How Can I Market My New Business To Attract Customers?"  -- The  Answer. "Be Like Bees To Honey"

The key solution to your question, "how can I market my new business?" can be found in bees attraction to honey.  Honey promises it's sweet-nectar to bees.  What is your sweet-nectar promise to your customers?

Your Conundrum - "How Can I Market My New Business?"

Right now, you wondering what it is that you are doing wrong.

You are grappling with the fact that you must be missing out on a key element to marketing your new business.

And Sometimes, In The Back Of Your Mind What It Will Take To Market Your New Business

"It seems like I did all this hard work for nothing."

  • It seems that when people see you coming...

    they run the other way, or

    they brush you off with the wave of their wrist without giving you time to state your claim.

It's Hard To Figure Out How To Market Your New Business When You Are Getting Brush-Off Treatment From Your Potential Customers

You've thought to yourself, “ How can I market my new business if they keep running away from me as soon as I open my mouth?”

"Don't they understand that I birth this business to help them lead a better life, or save money, or save a lot of stress?

The Short Answer:  No.  They could care less about your business, your product, or your service.

The Customer-Focused Answer On How To Market Your New Business

You’ve got to find some way to market your new business in such a way that your niched customer cluster will at least pause long enough to give you a chance to be heard.

Here's The Key To Answering Your "How Can You Market Your New Business" Question

The answer to “how can I market my new business” is found in the me-slanted vocabulary you use during the first 15 seconds of your interaction.

  • The Words You Currently Use During Your First Fifteen Seconds of Conversation:

    "I", "I" and "me".

  • The Harsh Reality:

    Your potential customers could care less about "I", "I" and "me".

    All they want to know is what you will do to help them get through their life with a little more strategy and a little less stress?<

My Recommendation To You: Look At Your Business From Your Customer's Perspective

How can I market my new business in a way that they can actually hear what I’ve got to say?

Your first step in marketing your new business is to look at your customer's life from their perspective.

  • They are tired of being approached by every "I've-started-a-new-business-now-listen-to-my-story" person they meet.

  • All they need to hear from you is what-is-it-that-you-can-do-for-me? That's it.

Here's the caveat:

  • What-is-it-that-you-can-do-for-me?” buys you about 38.3 seconds with them.

  • So...get to the point already.

  • What is it that your business exists to do for them?

Your answer to this question gives you the key to knowing how to market your business in a way that actually gets heard.

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, your strategic business advisor and motivational coach


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