Find Ideas For A Small, Start Up Business.

Where to find ideas for your small start up business

Let Your Imagination Run Wild.

Looking For Ideas For A Small, Start-Up Business?

Try Trendwatcher's Website.  It is a really fun place to look for business ideas

There you will find all kinds of whimsical ideas, tips and global trends that will fuel your imagination.

Ideas For Small, Start-Up Businesses - Start a Feeder Business.

For example, they highlight a new trend called starting a  "Feeder Businesses"

Small business owners start businesses that feed off the widespread popularity of online leaders like eBay, Google,, or Amazon. 

Many of these "Feeder" entrepreneurs create a win-win scenario for themselves and their customers by making it easier for their customers to use these these online services. 

One way to take advantage of this trend is to think through all of the steps that customers have to go through to successfully use these services.   

  • Is there a crucial first step that might deter a tentative customer from using the service?

  • Is there a sub-population who may have difficulty using the online service?

  • What is it that might deter a customer from using one of these services?

  • Can you think of service or product that you can feature that will make it easier for the end user.

Click here to read TrendWatcher's Report On Feeder Businesses.

Ideas For A Small, Start-Up Businesses - Start a Business That Gives Consumers a Whimsical And Unique Experience....In Their Own Homes.

More and more, people are turning to their homes into a private retreat. 

  • Some home owners create an in-home movie experience, equipped with popcorn machine and all.

  • Some home owners create a spa retreat in their bathroom.

  • While other home owners relish their master bedroom, transforming it into a boutique experience fit for a queen.

If you are know how to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary experience, or are handy with in-home installs, this is a trend that is hot-n-ready for you.

Click here to read TrendWatcher's Report On INSpiriences.

Ideas For A Small, Start-Up Businesses - Start a Business That Gives Consumers a Whimsical And Unique Experience....In Their Own Back Yard.

Consumers are continually looking for something new and novel to explore.  This trend provides and exciting opportunity for the entrepreneur who can give people a dose of whimsy and their own backyard or in their local community.

Trendwatcher highlights a current trend called, Planned Spontaneity, that distills that there is an increase in consumers on the prowl for new, indulgent experiences. 

If you are good at finding and testing new things, then you can funnel your sense of discovery into an online/offline business that specializes in being the expert in the local...and not so local...who-what-when-where happenings.

Click here to read TrendWatcher's Report on Planned Spontaneity.

Ideas For A Small, Start-Up Business - Start A Business That Brings You Joy.

As you can see, ideas for starting up your own business can spring from anywhere. 

The key to finding the idea that works for you is to invest your time and energy in a business that will be powered by your passion and give you and outlet for all of those brilliant ideas that are swarming around in your head.

To do this, you must remain open and look for something that will bring you joy and excitement. 

Bringing a business is h-a-r-d work! 

You might as well start something that you enjoy....that's one of the reasons why are starting a business anyway.

To find these and other leading global trends, click on TrendWatcher's Trend's Database page.

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