How to Start A Consulting Business That They Crave

 How to Start A Consulting Business That They Crave.

"Your Passion + Their Need = Win-Win for both you and
your clients. Start your consulting business
with their needs in mind."

How To Start Consulting Business Factor One

When contemplating how to start a consulting business that your customers will crave, consider matching your passion to their specific needs.

Focus your self assessment efforts on identifying problems that you have successfully solved in the past. People will hire you as a consultant because of your problem-solving ability.

Perform an in-depth self assessment that focuses on your past problem-solving successes.

How To Start Consulting Business Factor Two

When exploring how to start your own consulting business, force yourself to go a step beyond listing the conglomeration of skills and past experience that you what you would normally place on a resume.

  • Focus on those times when you were presented with a problem and found a creatively-inspiring solution through your savviness or creativity.

  • Give special attention to those times when you really felt that you triumphed over a challenge or problem – it doesn’t matter how big or small.

  • Perhaps you implemented a new paper filing system at home, or you found a really clever way to work with Word or Excel.

How To Start Consulting Business Factor Three

When exploring how to start a consulting business,understand the source of your passion.

Spend at least a few hours brainstorming which types of problems attract your attention.

It doesn’t matter whether the problem solving was done at home, at school, at church, at a friend’s house, on the phone, or at a volunteer job. All that matters was the presence of a problem and you implemented a solution.

  • Create a list of all of those problem-solving situations that brought you great pleasure.

  • Write down what the problem was and the innovative thing that you did that was able to bring about resolution.

  • Whatever you do, don’t rush through this exercise.

  • It takes time to explore how to start a consulting business that is driven by your expertise.

How To Start Consulting Business Factor Four

Identify what it is that you have the natural ability and the knack for doing.

While exploring how to start your own consulting business, you must focus on what it is that you have the knack for doing.

  • Some people are always helping people with their career, relationships or emotional issues.

  • Some people are always organizing or fixing things, being out in nature, reading certain types of books, problem solving, or being physically active.

  • What is that magical thing that you seem to always do?

    1. Begin by thinking about all the things that come most naturally to you .

    2. Compile a list of how you were able to use your natural strengths to solve actual problems.

    3. Spend time going over each of your problem-solution-success .

    4. List the major strengths that you brought to the table during each of your problem-solving episodes.

    5. List all of the skills you had to rely on to effectively solve each particular problem (e.g. leadership skills, conflict resolution skills, computer skills, communication skills, team management skills, etc.)

    6. Organize your problem-solution list to determine if you can detect any patterns.

How To Start Consulting Business Factor Five

Identify a specific niche of people who are desperately searching for what you bring to the table.

When thinking through how you will start your consulting business, trust yourself and value yourself enough to accurately identify what it is that you bring with you in your consulting business.

  • There is someone out there wishing that they could do what you can do.
  • There is someone out there wishing that you could come along and apply your knowledge to helping them solve their problem.

    Actively search for clues that reveal to you which cluster of people who may be desperately looking for someone of your caliber .

    Scan the newspapers, listen to the news and even the conversations of your friends and family to see which cluster of people draws your attention.

    Review the example below and see if you use it to give you additional ideas on how to pinpoint that niche of people who would derive tremendous benefit from your passion and expertise.

Here’s an example of how to identify a niched cluster of people who desperately need your knowledge and expertise.

Let’s say that by going through the exercises above that you have come to the realization that you have a knack helping people get their marriage on track.

  • You may be the one all your friends and family come to get no-nonsense advice on what it takes to stay and fight in a marriage.

  • Along with that you have a Psychology degree and you have taken a few courses that deal directly with conflict management.

  • You start listening to the conversations around you – you notice that a lot of people are wishing they could find a better way to communicate in their marriages.

  • You get the urge to give them a few words of advice – come to think of it, you can talk about conflict resolution in marriage for hours.

  • You then realize that you have a heart for those people who have been married for at least three – five years, for, in your experience, those are the marriages that are desperately searching for your conflict resolution advice.

Congratulations Take What You Have Learned Here And Start Your Consulting Business Today

You’ve walked through the steps of successfully identifying a specific niche of people who desperately seek your passion and expertise.

  • Now…it’s time for you to figure out how to start a consulting business that will package your expertise to address their problems head on.

  • When you are trying to determine how to start your own consulting business, remember that it’s your I've-attacked-this-type-of-problem-head-on that your potential clients will seek.

  • Now...time to research how to package your expertise in a consulting business that they will crave.

Be encouraged to start a consulting business that your customers will crave!

Signed: Latarsha Lytle, MBA, business strategist, motivational coach, and your biggest fan!

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