How to Start A Consulting Business That Delivers Value. Understand Their Story.

How To Start A Consulting Business That Delivers – The Role Of Market Research

Your clients have problems they desperately
need to solve. Your job is to figure out how
to start a consulting business that will give
them a stress-free, user-friendly solution.

  1. Find a Way To Get Better Acquainted With Your Niche's Core Needs

    The only way to know how to start a consulting business that addresses their specific needs is to know, in exact terms, what those specific needs are.

    Sort through all those small business ideas and focus your efforts on figuring out how to start a consulting business that directly addresses their needs.

  2. Give yourself plenty of opportunity to understand their problem from their perspective.

    When you begin exploring how to start your consulting business, you must build it to meet their needs head on. Position yourself to be in the direct path of your niched cluster.

    • Is it possible for you to attend meetings or seminars where people from your identified niche hang out?

    • Could you arrange a face-to-face meeting with members of your market niche?

  3. Scan the Environment Around You to See How This Topic Is Being Handled By Other Experts In the Field.

    Be on the prowl to uncover who else exists to solve those problems faced by your niched cluster?

    • Are there any relevant books written on the topic?

    • Are there any local experts giving seminars on the topic?

    • How do these experts address the problem?

    • Do they understand the expressed perspective of your target market?

    • Where do they currently turn to get advice?

    • Do they feel the advice they get is sufficient?

    • Do they wish someone would address this topic in a seminar?

    • What topics would they like advice on?

    • What have they already tried?

    • What, if anything has worked for them on a consistent basis?

  4. Determine if This Topic Is Substantial Enough to Create a Successful Consulting Business For Yourself

    As you continue collecting your information, continually assess whether there is a substantial business opportunity for you. Continually listen for those problems that are not being addressed.

    Ask yourself, do you have what it takes to become the expert on solving the kinds of problems that your target market desperately need solved?

  5. Determine If There Is Additional Training That You Should Seek Out.

    When contemplating how to start your own consulting business, you must educate yourself on what qualifications it will takes to become the recognized expert in your field.

    Are you properly prepared to help them find solutions to some of their most pressing problems.

    • Determine if there a specific type of training you would need to pursue your current field?

    • Find out whether there are additional classes you can take on the subject?

  6. Begin Creating A Collection of Advice Tips.

    As a consultant, you are hired to help people solve a very specific problem. Thus, you need to begin to assemble your own materials that will help you build your problem-solving arsenal.

    Your collection will equip you with your own collection of original material that you can use when you figure out how to start your consulting business.

    These materials will help you to shape your business strategy, your marketing approach, or your brochure and website copy.

    You can also use your collection to influence any future seminars or workshops you may want to give.

    • Start creating a collection of advice tips, or short articles.

    • Clip out relevant news articles. Keep a journal that details news or radio relevant things as they relate to your topic.

    • Look around to see what other experts are saying.

      • What is their recommended advice?

      • Do you agree with what they say?

      • Or does your experience and previous training lead you to make a different set of conclusions?

  7. Determine whether your selected topic is still something that you are absolutely passionate about. If you decide to proceed, find a way to summarize what you have found.

  8. Create A Blueprint Of Your Consulting Business.

    After completing market research steps one - six, take a moment to assess what your research reveals about how you should proceed.

    • Use your research collection to create a want ad that describes, in succinct terms, what you have discovered about what your targeted niche desperately needs, wants, and desires.

    • Use your collected information to begin blueprinting exactly how your consulting business will respond to the specific needs of your target market.

  9. Keep an ongoing journal of the most pressing problems your target market faces, and then record recommended set of solutions.

    Keep a collection of everything you discover. As you continue to explore how to start your own consulting business, stay attentive to the needs and frustrations of your target market.

    Remember, your goal is to start a consulting business that will help people work through and solve some of their most pressing problems.

  10. Focus your attention on how to start a consulting business that gives guaranteed results, time after time.

    Build a consulting practice that your customers will crave.

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