The Danger Inherent In Maintaining Your Will Of Procrastination.

Don’t fall into the procrastination-trap. Maintaining a will of procrastination lures you into the false belief that you have all the time in the world.

Don’t fall into the procrastination-trap. Maintaining a will
of procrastination lures you into the false belief
that you have all the time in the world.

The danger of maintaining a will of procrastination.

Did you realize that maintaining a will of procrastination will crush your dreams before they have a chance to breathe?

Procrastination often masquerades as progress,

  • It gives you the illusion that you are moving forward.

  • It gives you the false impression you have every right to defer an action or task until a later date.

But here is a dirty little secret procrastination never wants you to know:

  • The “later date” that procrastionation dangles in your mind rarely happens…

  • Rendering your life dreams and desires lifeless…and stalled.

    Reflect What Happens If Your Tomorrow Never Comes.

    The next time you think about maintaining your will of procrastination,

    I want you to reflect on the emphasis procrastination places on tomorrow.

    • Procrastination gives us a loose guarantee that we will make it happen...tomorrow

    • Procrastination promises that we will live the life of our dreams...tomorrow

    • Procrastination hints that we will reach for the stars...tomorrow

    • Procrastination lures us into thinking that we are guaranteed to have a tomorrow…

      …But, what happens when tomorrow never comes?

      What happens when your tomorrow never comes…

      What happens with your dreams unrealized?

      Do they spring forth tomorrow,

      And rescue you from demise?

      What will you do when tomorrow never comes?

      Will you pretend your dreams were never real?

      Will you pretend that God did not make you for a definite purpose

      And that purpose you didn't fulfill?

      What happens when tomorrow never comes?

      To rescue you from your today?…

      When today stretches into infinity,

      When you look at what could have been…what would you say?

      Will you look your future in the face,

      And stoically and boldly declare

      That your tomorrow never came…

      But you are sure it is there somewhere?

      What happens to your tomorrow?

      When you refuse to reach for your today?

      Does it ever come..

      Or will you watch it fade away?

      Will your tomorrow fade into never?

      Because you never took that step?

      Will your tomorrow fade into never?

      Because you never became aware…

      That tomorrow never comes,

      To those just let time ensare…

      And keep them from their dreams of life,

      Because they live impaired…

      Impaired from their tomorrow’s promise,

      Because they don’t face today

      Did you realize that tomorrow’s dream lives unfulfilled,

      To those who choose to wait?

      Wait for life to waste away,…

      While you wait for that or this.

      Did you realize that tomorrow never comes,

      If you refuse to exist…

      If you refuse to exist today,

      And make your purpose stand,

      How can you dare look for tomorrow,

      To help you understand…

      That maintaining a will of procrastination,

      Will never allow you to write your tomorrow

      It is the actions you stand on right now,

      That will prevent the future horror.

      Maintaining a will of procrastination,

      Is your guarantee that tomorrow will never come.

      So reflect on what you must do to move your life forward

      To push through life and weather the storm.

      Because all you have is now... right now,

      To release and proclaim..

      That which God has made you for…

      And glorify His Name.

      Give Him praise in all you do,

      Aspire to live aligned,

      With the purpose that’s meant for you.

      And now’s your perfect time…

      To live your life of purpose,

      That God has given you today,

      For if you never step into your here and now…

      Tomorrow wastes away. ..

      Signed: Your encourager - Helping you to stand on THAT which God has made you to stand for.

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